Where are all the gaming blogs?

I have started to strongly dislike reviews. If I am on the fence about a game I either ask for opinions on gamefaqs or watch some videos on youtube. But there is nothing that convinces me to buy a game more than a well written article on it. Most of the reviews that I read on gaming websites today just don’t cut it. For me the reviews are like vapid walls of text written to justify the score that the reviewer had in mind when he was playing the game.

One of the reasons that I loved 1up so much was because there were detailed dissertations on games and the work that goes into creating them. I had come to love the writers on 1up. But since it was closed down this year I have not found a good replacement website for reading on video games. The closest I have come to finding one is Jermy’s blog which he is kind enough to update frequently. Why are there not more quality blogs on video games?

I have been asking this question for a long time now. Just about every topic that can be discussed has a blog dedicated to it. But when it comes to video games they are really hard to find. I am not talking about big networks where they cover just about every game released under the sun. No. I am talking about a small place on the internet where an enthusiast talks about his passion for the game. Where scores, page views and provocative articles have no place.

I understand why ign decided to shut down 1up. The cost of running a website is quite high and if the returns are not good it does not make any business sense to keep it running. Running a blog is a different story however. It is run by a single person there is no cost of maintenance and except for your own time you don’t have to spend anything. I find it a bit strange that one of the most passionate communities has such a small blogging presence. Don’t you?



  • On July 02, 2013