The road to paloma

For six months Wolf (the protagonist) has been drifting along in the native lands trying to outrun the law that wants to bring him to justice. Wolf however is a free spirit. He is at home in the wilderness and he won’t be locked up in some prison cell for killing the man who raped his mother. It’s a hard life out there but Wolf’s still got a few friends who help him get by. But how long can he keep this up? He can’t live his life like this forever.

His father, a well respected police officer himself, is worried about him. But wolf, he only want’s to fulfill his mother’s last wish. To spread her ashes across that beautiful mountain lake. What happens to him after that he does not care.

The movie follows the journey of Wolf as he makes his way to the lake. He travels through the beautiful, but often harsh, native American land. The film does an incredible job to capture the vastness of the place. Clearly a lot of effort was spent on photography and camera work to bring the scenery to the screen.

Road to paloma has a few characters to speak of. Besides his father Wolf’s contact with another human is limited to cash. Cash has troubles of his own. He is a careless, drunk soon to be divorced musician who is struggling to get his life together. He can be often be found in a dark alley drunk and beat up due to his inability to pay the women of the “Gentlemen club”. He forms an ideal companion to Wolf who himself has no idea where his life is headed. In the course of their journey they get to know each other better. Wolf is caring and supportive while Cash is easy going and destructive. In a certain scene when the two of them run out of money Cash agrees to participate in a street fight with the local champion. He takes a fair amount of beating but does defeat their strongest fighter in the end. Whatever you may say about Cash he is definitely not short on spunk.

Road to paloma has an excellent selection of music. It gets pretty exciting when Wolf and Cash are humming across the road with the guitars playing in the background. Of course the effect is heightened because the two actors have excellent chemistry with each other. You can feel that they are really enjoying themselves in these scenes.

Wolf is good with the ladies. He is the object of interest among the women of his town. He manages to win the heart of a troubled woman by the road. And his sister absolutely adores him. They have a lot to talk about what happened during these last six months. His sister shows him her baby boy whom she has named after him. Wolf confides in her that he is not sorry for what he did but only for what he lost. After long hours of talk Wolf takes her leave to go to the lake. It is not far now.

The law does catch up with Wolf however. Just after he fulfills his mother’s last wish. They ask him to surrender. But Wolf–he would rather die than rot in a prison cell. He is not ashamed of what he did. He is a free man in life and in death.

Road to paloma is one of the best movies I have watched in 2014. If you liked road to paloma you will also enjoy Dead man.



  • On December 22, 2014