The low hanging fruits in corporate banking services

A startup like airbnb, from the point of view of banking, can be approximated as a movement of funds from the tourist to the house owner. Essentially virgin airlines, from a banking perspective, is just a flow of cash from the traveler to the airline. All Uber does, as far as banking is concerned, is take money from the passenger and give it to the driver.  

Movement of money is the most fundamental aspect of any business. An optimal movement of money keeps a business healthy. A suboptimal movement can hamper its growth. 

The money movement services of  today are dismal. Many organizations have to depend on third party providers like paypal / stripe to be able to distribute money to their clients. They get heavily charged in the process. Further the reliability of third party services is questionable.  Accounts may get arbitrarily banned. The transfer may get abruptly refused. This not only affects the operations of a business but also it’s reputation.   

Money management is a core function of bank. A bank should be able to provide services that allows business owners to have a more control over its movement. 

Next generation of corporate bank accounts  

At wrinq we are proposing to build banking services that allow corporates to handle the money movement themselves getting rid of any inefficiencies of third party service providers.  Our application will have three main features to attract corporate clients and startups:- 

  1. Services that allow a business owner to quickly onboard our platform by a combination of e KYC and in person verification. 
  2. API driven management that allow our business owners to have a full control over their  account so that they can easily deal with changing business requirements. 
  3. Payouts that are handled completely by the partner bank so that they don’t need to use any third party services. Any existing combination of pay-ins may be used (paypal/stripe/cc avenue) but once the money is collected the business owner will be in complete control of dispersal. 


Our application will allow our clients to create:- 

  1. Wallets on demand services. Where they’ll be able to quickly spawn a wallet for their customer and deposit the funds there that can be withdrawn any time. Immensely useful for startups like airbnb and uber. 
  2. Real time account monitoring systems allowing them to implement health checks and fraud detection systems on their account. Complemented by powerful aggregations that give them a high level overview of money flow. 
  3. Service based marketplaces. Business will not be limited to just selling their expertise/their services but will be able to use and profit from the services and the expertise of a global workforce. 



  • On January 26, 2020