The 12-13 prequels of dissidia

After subscribing for another 3 months of playstation plus I had some money to spare in my psn wallet so I decided to buy dissidia from the store. Just so I could play it on my vita. So I search for dissidia on the psn store and this is what I get :

  1. Dissidia final fantasy
  2. Dissidia 012 : Duodecim final fantasy
  3. Dissidia dudecim prologus final fantasy

I had already played the first two games on the psp so I knew that dissida was the original game and duodecim 012 was a prequel / enhancement to the original game. But what the heck was duodecim prologus final fantasy? Another expansion? You bet ! I will try to explain to you

Dissidia final fantasy is the original game in the series that tells the tale of battle between chaos and cosmos. Cosmos has her warriors, the good guys from final fantasy, who fight against their respective antagonists who are one with chaos. Each character from the series will finally fight with the antagonist of that series. So cloud’s story for instance ends with the battle against Sephiroth. So far so good.

Duodecim adds a twist. This fight that you fought in the last game was actually the 13th cycle of chaos. Meaning that there have already been 12 fights before and this will continue to go on until some one does something. Thus duodecim serves as a prologue to the series and the number 12 indicates the 12 cycles of battles that have already been fought. It also introduces new characters to the series and most of them don’t agree with the direction the original characters are taking. So the party is now divided into two. One that is led by the warrior of light whose goal is to beat chaos. The other led by Lighting that is is looking to break the cycle of conflict. 012 story is far more interesting than the original. It explains the reason behind all the fighting.

Duodecim final fantasy prologus explains why or rather how the party was divided into two parts. The game is a standalone download and is quite cheap but it contains nothing that could not have been in duodecim in the first place.

Duodecim 012 was justified since it added lots of new stuff to dissidia. I even look past the fact that SE basically forced me to buy the whole game twice instead of making 012 a DLC. Prologus however is a cheap cash in. It is inexcusable that they went a step further to create prologus just to explain a minor plot point . It is like SE is purposefully trying to ruin an amazing game. It adds nothing substantial to the game. Worse it is confusing, even to me who has played both of the original titles . I feel for the guy who has never played the series and just wanted to check the games out but ends up being confused regarding the chronological order.

To wrap it up

  1. Dissidia is the original game which you later lean is actually the 13th part of the story.
  2. Duodecim is an expansion that contains 1-12 chapters of the story.
  3. Duodecim prologus is the side story that explains one event in duodecim.

If you are looking to buy dissida here is what you should do. By dissidia duodecim. In addition to the entire story from the original game it contains the prologue. Then if you like the story and want to know more go buy prologus.



  • On July 03, 2013