Starting all over again

This past week I :

  • Completely rethought brislink.
  • Tore my blog apart and redesigned it from scratch.
  • Created a new blog for brislink.This one.
  • Learnt a new framework for blogging.
  • Got rid of my previous hosting provider and started hosting blogs from github.

If I knew a week before I would have to redo so much stuff I would have gone crazy.I am one of those people who don’t change things too often.I am very deliberate when I am creating stuff for the first time but once done it’s more likely to stay that way.Changing things scares me even if I am not happy with them.

So what prompted me to to undertake such tumultuous activity?The desire to do better.One thing I have learned this past week is that most of us rarely get things right the first time. Take my personal blog for example.I wanted to start a blog and had lots of different options to create it.But for some reason I just couldn’t understand content management systems.I tried doing it on blogger and wordpress but it was so hard to make those small adjustments that I wanted to make.

This was partly because I am used to handcrafting my websites.Give me a text editor and a browser to test and I am happy.That is why I finally settled on couchDb.CouchDb had “couchApps” that allowed me to serve html directly from the database.At that time it seemed like a good solution to my problem.I could kill two birds with a stone.Get a store for my data and host my application from it.

Now couchapps are amazing.I absolutely love the idea of serving your html and javascript directly from the database.The use case was good too.Couch apps were designed to solve these kinds of problems, in-fact the sample application that couch db the definitive guide teaches is that of a blog.But in my case, as I found later it was an overkill.I did not need a database.All I wanted were simple pages I could write my thoughts on.I did not enjoy the process of blogging with couchdb.It felt to me more like data entry than writing.Not only did my frequency of blogging slowed down but my writing suffered as well.

I knew I had to do something about it.I knew I had to make some changes but I just left it as it was.It took me a long time to summon courage to start all over again.This past week I did it.I recreated the entire blog in static html pages and moved my server to github.I was not as hard as I thought it would be.I think that state of indecision is the worst enemy of productivity.Time lost in making up your mind is time lost in making it happen.A wise man once said

The miracle isn’t that I finished it is that I had the courage to start.

I never understood it’s meaning until this past week.By simply commencing lot of encouraging things started to happen.For one I discovered a truly fun way of writing blogs and best of all I made up my mind make something compelling out of brislink, but that is a story for another post.



  • On March 23, 2013