Some updates on Abstract

I have made a few changes to the way Abstract works. The purpose behind Abstract was to create a markdown editor that did not get in the way. I tried to remove all the distractions that one can have while writing. Though I think I screwed up a bit on few implementations. One of them was the “Preview” feature. In order to preview the draft all you had to do was focus away from the editor. While the intention was good I think there were some problems with this approach.

The editor felt a bit finicky. Accidental clicking on parts of screen could cause it go into a preview mode unintended. It took the control away from the user. So I decided to do away with it.

“Preview” now works by explicitly clicking on the preview link that is conveniently placed at the bottom of the screen. It makes the editing process a lot more stable.

I also removed the github icon at the top. The only purpose it served was to tell that Abstract was open source. Well I don’t think that the users cared if it was open source or not only if it worked well. So I removed it. I removed the link to specter in the menu as well. Like the github icon it was just an advertisement that had no place there.

Abstract is now leaner and more stable. Try it. I hope you guys like these changes.



  • On August 01, 2013