Revisiting codename 47

Opening levels are the hardest to design.The developer has to set the tone for the rest of the game to follow within the first few minutes into the game.Some of them do this exceptionally well.Games like Fallout 3,God of war,Half life and Super Metroid have terrific opening levels.The opening of codename 47 is not anything revolutionary.It does not begin with a bang or start with a detailed cutscene explaing the events that lead the player to that moment.It just begins…and it’s so effective that I have lost count of the number of times that I have replayed it.

Agent 47 wakes up to a voice in a room with his hands tied to the bed.It appears that he is in captivity.The voice that he hears is very encouraging though heavy accent can be detected,probably Russian.It coaxes him to get up and giudes him out of his captivity.Very little is revelead about the identity of the man behind the voice.He seems to be repeating a few phrases often :

You are an excellent specimen.

Very Good.You are doing just fine my friend.

Perhaps #47 is an experiment.An experiment that has finally been successfull.Of course we all come to know the truth as we progress through the series.But put yourself in the shoes of the one who is playing the game for the first time.It is all very mysterious and makes the player intrested enough to keep on playing the game.Which is exactly what a good opening should do.

Jesper Kyd who has remained the series’ composer provides an excellent score.

I have always loved the hitman games.The curious mix of stealth and action , #47’s catchy attire and incredible sense of style have given me countless hours of enjoyment .I intend to play the entire series from start to finish before playing the latest game in the series,Absolution.



  • On January 27, 2013