Re-introducing brislink

I never really intended to do anything serious with brislink.When it was launched nearly two months ago I was learning node js (and I still am) I just wanted to hack together a small project to test my understanding of the platform.The idea behind it was simple.Allow users to share links to interesting content on the internet.I won’t go deep into technicalities but it turned out that there were some difficulties that I would need to overcome.

Fortunately node js has a very active development community and I found a very useful module to ease my programming strain.Long story short I succeeded in what I had set out to do.I created my first ever fully functional node js project.

After the initial euphoria had worn off I began putting some thought into how I could evolve brislink.The core idea was still the same.I wanted users to easily share the content on the web.But this time I thought of a different way to do it.Rather than sharing random links on the internet what if they could share their own blog posts? I could create a broadcasting system that could be used to automatically publish the links to the blog posts on brislink where visitors can browse and read the posts that catch their fancy.

The idea was intoxicating.I have been blogging for some time now and I have not quite succeeded in procuring a following.If I could get my idea to work it could be a double win.Giving the bloggers an opportunity to reach a wider audience and to the visitors of brislink access to high quality content.So I decided to go with it and I am pleased with the progress I have made so far.It is not ready for a public unveiling yet but I have manged to get it to work locally.All that remains now is a thorough testing before releasing it.Of course I will need to add a lot more features to it to make it more useful, but even in it’s early stage the idea seems promising enough to stand on its own, for now.So stay tuned for more news on broadcasting on brislink.



  • On March 19, 2013