Rayman origins is a silly little game

I knew that Rayman origins was going to be fun when I first saw the grim reaper in theĀ snoring tree. It was quite clear that he had been thrashed. I could see the bandages on his head and a black eye . All of his teeth had been knocked out of his mouth. He hid away in shame when I approached him and came out mocking me when I turned my back. So there you go a toothless grim reaper. He is pretty hilarious and silly. Silly is an apt word to describe rayman origins.

The plot of the game is silly. Rayman and his friends are sleeping peacefully on the snoring tree (sleeping on the snoring tree lol) and well they don’t sleep quiet. Their collective snoring is quite musical and charming but the denizens of the living dead are not amused. They lock up rayman and his friends and unleash anti toons upon their world. Rayman manages to escape. He must now save electoons and nymphs to restore order to his world.

The characters in origins are silly as well. The creator is a laid back guy with a large beard. You can hop on his beard and he often comes up with funny quips. The magical hat is a guide and gives out tips on the game if you slap or jump on it. The tongue of characters in the game is foreign. They speak gibberish though the manner in which they speak often makes their intentions clear. Nymphs for instance have a very seductive and feminine voice. The creator grumbles like an old man. Rayman himself is full of energy and you can often hear him say ye aha!

There is a silliness to music and sound effects. Jumping on enemies will make them utter painful though funny squeaks. Each stage in the game has unique music. The gibberish jungle has the chirp of the birds in the background. In Mystical pique one can hear solemn prayers of the meditating monks while in the gourmand land the chefs sing ballads. The music in each stage perfectly captures the essence of that stage.

Rayman origins is a platformer. You go about your business jumping over stuff while collecting shiny lums. There are lots of hidden items within the stages . These are usually kept in hard to reach places . However the game makes it clear when you are near something valuable . For instance if you are near the electoon cage you can hear a help me distress call. Likewise if you are near a legend piece you can hear a sound effect. These indications make the levels a lot more fun to explore. Oh and that pose that rayman gives when you clear a level is priceless.

The developers keep things interesting by providing different play modes. Treasure chases are like time trials where rayman has to chase down the treasure chest. If you fall too behind the chest outruns you. And if you move too quick you might get hit and loose your life.These sections are much more challenging than the normal platforming parts and there is a lot of emphasis on the timing of your jumps. The reward of catching one of the chests is that you get a tooth that you can offer to the grim reaper. Give him all of his teeth and he will open the way to the land of the living dead. Talk about bribing the guard!

Then there are flying levels where rayman hops on to a mosquito and shoots through the enemies. During these fights the pace of the game is greatly increased and you need to have good reflexes to make it through . These shooting levels are some of my favorite in the game.

More variety is added in the form of boss battles. The technique of fighting them is nearly the same in all the cases. You have to dodge their attack until a weak spot is exposed and then focus your blows there. All of them however have different attack patterns and it takes a couple tries to understand it. However the game does not have enough of them. I wish there were more bosses since they are so well done. Their animation, their design and their eccentric personalities are quite engaging.

I had lot of fun while playing rayman origins.Even while writing this article I cracked up a couple of times when I remembered something funny. If you like platformers then rayman origins is a must play. If you don’t like them then this is the game that might change your mind.

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  • On July 08, 2013