Opportune obscurity

In any kind of creative endeavour there is bound to be a lot of trial and error.It is difficult to get things right the first time.I had to learn that the hard way.It is important therefore to have a place where one is free to experiment.A laboratory where it is okay to make mistakes.Where the only way to learn is by doing.This is probably the reason why many craftsmen never talk about their work until they are done with it.They like to work in the shadows where they are not being observed.Obscurity is warm blanket for the frosty process of creativity.

There is a reason I call creativity a cold process.Any artist will tell you they spend months of sleepless nights working on their art.They just can’t help it.Often midway they realize that the idea they have been working on is just not good enough.This is very common.Until a possibility is explored, peeked into there is no way to tell if it is good or bad.Some times it will require little tweaking other times a complete rework.Either way it is unlikely that the final product will come out exactly as you imagined it at the commencement.It can be gut wrenching to start all over again with fresh ideas.But this is exactly what most of us do.

Now imagine that instead of working in the darkness you publicize what you are doing and have all the attention on your work.Would you be be comfortable working, knowing that you are in the limelight?Would any one be?I don’t think so.It will be hard to try out new ideas knowing that if you fail there is a possibility of humiliation and embarrassment.It will prohibit risks and force you to play safe.This is where obscurity can be helpful.It shields us from fear of public failure.It provides a genial environment where one is free to experiment with different ideas.

I made my share of mistakes with brislink, there were some ideas that failed (actually it failed entirely).But those ideas failed quickly and cheaply .It was a great learning experience for me.I spent time exploring different ideas and learning new technologies.I am stronger, better and more confident.There is no guarantee that what I am doing now will succeed.But that won’t stop me from looking into new possibilities and if I fail no one needs to know.



  • On March 26, 2013