No more 1UPS

I have been an avid reader of 1UP for a long long time.During my days in the college it was my life support.It would not be an exaggeration to say that I could not have graduated had it not been for 1UP.It made sitting through all those mind numbing boring lectures a bit more bearable.Those were good times though.A borrowed mobile phone and a fresh 1UP cover story was all that I needed to keep my attendance high enough to sit for the exams.

Needless to say the writers on the 1UP have been a huge influence on both the kind of games that I learnt to enjoy and on my writing.Kat bailey,Jermy Parish,Bob Mackey,they pretty much inspired me to write about video games.If it were not for 1UP I would have lost on so many wonderful games that I would have just dismissed as uninteresting.Although there are a lot of websites that cover the news around video games there are not many that share the same passion in writing about video games (rpgfan and rpgamer are the only two that come to the mind at the moment) as they do.

Which is why it pains me so much to accept that they will soon close down.But I sensed the end long before it actually came.The first sign was the termination of E.G.M. A lot of staff at 1UP was also involved in writing articles for E.G.M. A lot of resources were poured into a medium that was rejected in favor of more convenient electronic blogs.The second sign to me was the acquisition by IGN.This was what they had to say about it

Given the state of the market and the economy, it simply wasn’t feasible to run multiple sites all focused on video game content

I agree with them 100%.While the gaming industry is huge the so-called “support industries” about it are not that big.This past year we have witnessed multiple studio closures.As heartbreaking as it is, the fact can not be denied that they have failed as a business.IGN is successful because it covers the entire entertainment industry.Not just video games.

This brings me to a rather sad conclusion and a grim outlook about the future. While a lot of people love to play video games not that many like to read about it.Probably only a fraction of them are interested in reading about through cover stories, listening to podcasts and retrospections.Most of gamers probably check out these sites once in awhile for the review of the game they want.A large portion of rich content probably goes unexplored.Do they not care?I think that they do.But the times in which we are living are such that pursuit of passion and following a hobby are looked down upon as a waste of time.Probably we are all victims our own economy.

I was not a heavy contributor to 1UP.Although I had written a few blogs,I was still more of a lurker.I wish I was more of an active participant there but that can’t be changed.I also wish that 1UP does not end but I fear that can’t be changed either.What we can do is hope that the guys that made 1UP a place “Where gamers call home” find a good employment.One that gives them a chance to produce more of the amazing stuff that they have done over the years.What we can also do is to make other people see what we love about video games.And make them see why the community around video games is one of the most passionate one there is.It is not that hard.A simple like on Facebook,a retweet of a great article and a few comments go a long way.We must be more active participants.



  • On February 24, 2013