Next generation of banking services for modern international businesses

Next generation of banking services for modern international businesses

In the last couple of decades all efforts at making international banking services more accessible have come from third parties. Whether it be paypal/stripe or more recently the open apis of credit card manufacturers, little has been done to improve the core services themselves. This has led to certain complications that can only be resolved at the level of banks.    

The Problems

  • High cost of international transactions affecting some of the biggest businesses in the world.
  • Limited native support from the banks for creating p2p marketplaces like airbnb that has lead to an overreliance on costly third party alternatives like paypal,stripe etc.
  • A latent need for “virtual escrow” accounts on a bank level for refund management/ releasing payments contingent on service rendered.

Industries affected

International corporates, joint ventures like airline alliances (oneworld/skyteam), other small banks as well as niche payment gateways (real page). 

The elements of our solution

Our application will be built on top of two universally available banking services

  • Multicurrency accounts
  • Client monies management accounts 

Real world usage

  • We will be a proxy between the banks and the customers. Our product will be built for businesses that deal in large volumes of money. While onboarding a customer all due diligence will be performed by us to satisfy the regulations of our banking partner. 
  • The interaction of the customer with our platform will be by the means of api. In essence we’ll be exposing the features of client monies and multicurrency accounts to our target audience in a way that it can be integrated with their existing technology in the simplest possible manner.  
  • Our interaction with the bank will be by the means of the protocol that they support.

Business Model

We’ll position ourselves as banking partners of our customers. Our services will help them scale internationally. In return we’ll be charging a fixed annual api usage/ account maintenance fee. The fees would be vary according to the services they use.  



  • On January 26, 2020