Murder by death

The facts are as follows:

  • The two two twain residence has an unlimited supply of stone gargoyles.
  • The two two twain residence has a butler.
  • The butler is blind.
  • The doorbell is quite loud.
  • In fact it is a shriek. On rainy days it produces a lasting impression on the visitor.
  • The day, with which we are concerned, was a rainy day. And there were many visitors expected.
  • Consequently many shrieks were heard in the two two twain residence that day.
  • One of those shrieks was produced by an actual woman.
  • But that was due to the unnerving incident at the front gate followed by an unnerving incident at the room that left Mrs Charleston thoroughly unsettled and she gave out a shriek.
  • Mrs Marbles takes care of her nurse.
  • She is by profession a detective.
  • In fact every visitor in the two two twain residence is a detective.
  • They are here to solve a crime that has not been committed yet.
  • But they shall have dinner first.
  • The butler is given the charge of a deaf cook to prepare the meal for the guests of the two two twain residence.
  • The cook is not only deaf but also dumb and can neither read nor write.
  • Hence she just sits on a chair all while the butler is under the impression that she is cooking.
  • The butler meanwhile assumes that the preparations are “light on seasoning” and goes on to serve the dishes.
  • M. Pierre who has been hungry since he arrived is offended that there is nothing to serve.
  • The clock strikes 11.

From this point on wards my memory is a bit hazy and I can not recollect the actual circumstances surrounding the events that took place after 11. I will try my best to give a record of the facts but they can not be trusted. Better watch the movie for your self

  • The master of two two twain residence introduces himself.
  • A murder is announced.
  • The murderer still lurks in the dark.
  • The prize money is revealed.
  • The master retires into the adjoining room.
  • The butler is dead.
  • His clothes are missing.
  • Detectives investigate.
  • A knife is missing.
  • The mystery of two dining halls!
  • The mystery of two bathrooms!
  • The puzzle of the two two twain residence.
  • The butlers clothes reappear.
  • The butler however disappears.
  • The detectives join hands and pray.
  • Another murder is committed despite their prayers.
  • The detectives retire to their bed rooms.
  • Attempt is made to kill all of them.
  • The attempt is unsuccessful.

The solution to mystery by detective 1detective 2,detective 3,detective 4 and detective 5.

It is accepted that all solutions are correct ! and yet the crime remains unsolved. Can you solve it ?



  • On December 24, 2013