An interview with Luke Bender–Blogger, Renters Academy

Luke Bender, the guy behind popular blog renters academy shares his thoughts on renting and writing.

Q:Luke,what was your motivation behind starting Renters Academy?

I started Renters Academy for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to start a blog / online business and start building something on the side that could one day pay me a full-time income. Secondly, I wanted to educate people on real life things. When I rented my first apartment I had absolutely no knowledge about how to do it. School actually does a horrible job of teaching us about real life and so I thought Renters Academy would be a great way to educate young adults.

Q: Do you rent yourself?

Yes, I have been a renter for the past 3 years.

Q:Why do you think renters insurance is not talked about all that much?

It is interesting that not many people know about renters insurance, and it’s actually a topic that we cover a lot at Renters Academy. Renters insurance isn’t talked about much because it’s not required by law like auto insurance is. However, more and more apartment complexes are starting to require tenants to have renters insurance. This type of insurance doesn’t cost very much but it provides a ton of value. If anyone would like to learn more about renters insurance and how to shop for it check out our article, “How to Shop for Renters Insurance.”

What prompted your to write the “ultimate guide on how to rent an apartment”?

I wrote “The Ultimate Guide on How to Rent an Apartment” because I wanted to publish the most comprehensive / in-depth article on the internet about how to rent an apartment. I believe I did just that with this article and I’m hoping that it will help a lot of people who are looking to rent their first apartment. Using a keyword research tool, I found that about 13,000 people per month are searching, ‘how to rent an apartment’ in Google. We’re looking to reach thes people with this article and allow it to give them all the knowledge they need to successfully rent an apartment without making any costly mistakes.

Q:Do you follow a blogging schedule? How do you find ideas for blog posts?

I don’t have a set-in-stone blogging schedule, I just try to write 2-3 per month. Blogging isn’t just about pumping out content, it’s also about promoting it to your ideal audience so that takes up the rest of my time. I find ideas for blog posts by using my knowledge and experience and then typing my ideas into a keyword research tool to see how many people are searching for that topic. I also keep an eye on several apartment forums and look for questions that people have or problems that they are experiencing. I also following many other apartment blogs and keep up with current apartment news to keep the ideas flowing.

Q:What advice do you have for other bloggers out there, just starting out?

My advice for other bloggers would be to choose a niche that you’re passionate about or one that you would like to become an expert in. Blogging is the best way to get started with an idea that you have or a passion that you have to one day turn it into a full-time income and create the life you want. Even if you don’t blog for the rest of your life, you’ll be able to connect with many of the influencers in your niche which will lead to so many opportunities to do what you love. Also, you need to be constantly learning and improving, there’s so much information out there to distract people, you need to be good.Thank you for talking to us Luke



  • On February 27, 2016