An interview with Mandy Thomson–lodger,landlord :- Having lived both as a lodger and a landlord Mandy has had a chance to observe landlord-lodger relationship from two very different perspectives. She frequently shares her observations both on her blog and on her twitter account. In this interview she answers some of the most common questions that haunt novice landlords and lodgers. Good stuff.

A luxury taste of Cornwall with Lynne Hughes :- Lynne is breathing a fresh air into the Cornwall tourism industry by offering an unrushed, self catered holiday experience that promotes the locally manufactured goods of Cornwall. What makes Cornwall special? Why is there a need for promotion of local industries and why it makes for a good holiday experience? Lynne answers all these questions as she helps us understand Cornwall a little better.

An interview with Clive Janes– Landlord,Letting agent:- As an experienced landlord Clive shares his insights on rental insurance, on qualification of tenants and on setting a fair rent for the property. Some of this stuff is common sense but many landlords still get it wrong. A good letting agent like Clive can prevent you from making these mistakes. Read on to find out how.

An interview with Leasing Angles — virtual and temporary placement leasing firm:- A common question that haunts many a property managers is “How do we keep a healthy resident retention rate for our community?” Is it the luxuries? The hot tubs and the tennis courts? Or is the answer much simpler? To find out, we sat down and talked with N. Bean, the president of Leasing Angles, a firm that specializes in resident retention and customer relations.

Donald Davidoff shares his experience of more than 20 years in the multifamily housing industry as he talks on the topics of-: ideal rent lease duration, applicability of traditional marketing metrics in multifamily housing, effect of rent increases on profit margin and existing tenants as sources of new leads. He also expresses a little anguish over the fact that people tend to address him as David even though his first name is Donald. Well it can be a bit confusing if you ask us 🙂

3rd year Greek Engineering Student, studying in the UK. Founder and president of the Hellenic Society in Swansea University. Part time resedeintial agent. And a member of the Kilo Micromouse robotics team. Say hello to Vicky Christou!

Luke Bender, the guy behind popular blog renters academy shares his thoughts on renting and writing.

Alan and Ben Barbic, the father and son duo behind the barbics letting agency tell us what it takes to run a real estate business within the family. What excites them? How do they find time to pursue their passion for motorbikes and music? And what would they do differently if they had to start all over again? We sit down and have a chat with Ben and Alan.

Long time landlord and the founder of property118, Mark Alexander, tells us how he grew his website to a point where he is confidently predicting 5 million page views in 2016, how he manages to consistently attract good tenants for his properties and what his thoughts are on retirement. As someone with a very active mind,Mark craves for mental simulation and enjoys solving complex problems faced by other landlords. In between all this,however, Mark has not forgotten that life is meant to be enjoyed. He graciously replied to our email while on a vacation in Malta. Keep reading to find out how buy to let investments enabled Mark to live a life that most can only dream of.

An interview with Shakot Hakim,founder studentblock:- Stuentblock is a student accommodation search engine with a difference. It combines the convenience of property search with the very personal,hands on, service provided by a lettings agent. With over 1200 viewings in 2015, student block has been keeping it’s founder Shakot Hakim quite busy. We sit down and have a talk with him about his startup, his experience as a lettings agent and his plans on expanding student block.

An interview with HMO Landlady -Serena Thomson:- Surfing the internet, on a lazy afternoon, I came across the blog of Serena Thompson,also know as the HMO landlady. Under the pretense of an interview I tricked her into introducing me to her adventurous lady tenants from Portugal. Being a person of a very benevolent nature, not entirely devoid of compassion for my fellow humans, I’m compelled by my nature to publish the interview here for the benefit of folks running an HMO. Me? I’ll be sipping on some orange juice with the lovely ladies.

An interview with Paul Routledge:- As one of the most successful landlords in England and the founder of landlord referencing Paul talks about why tenant referencing is important, his journey as a landlord and the things he’d do differently if he had to start all over again.


  • On January 26, 2020