In defense of capcom

For capcom employee retention has been a greater challange than most companies.Clover studios for instance, the team behind critically acclaimed titles like viewtiful joe and Okami, could not generate profit on their games.As expected capcom promptly shut them down.The guys at clover went on the form Platinum games that produced titles such as Bayonetta.Through the years this loss has just worsened.Keiji Inafune and Shinji Mikami the force behind two of capcoms biggest franchises, Mega man and Resident evil have left capcom to do their own stuff.

What’s the big deal? People leave all the time?

It is true that people leave all the time but not like this.At capcom there were ugly spats.One might argue that it was the common disgruntled employee reaction and I would have conceded it if it was just an isolated case.But it is not.

Capcoms’ attitude towards their fans have not been good as well.Their popularity took a serious hit when they suddenly announced that Mega Man legends 3 will be canceled.No matter how one analyzes this decision, capcom generated a lot of hate after the incident.

Despite all this Capcom has managed to push amazing new games on a regular basis.Monster hunter is one such game.First on psp and now on 3DS and the Wii the game seems to be doing good.Although the sales have dropped significantly it still regularly sells a million units.Dragons Dogma a hunting game more tailored for the western audiences was both a critical and commercial success.Unlike their other projects that were outsourced, the recently released DMC was recieved well.The Ace attorney games and the quixotic Phantom trick on the DS gave me countless hours of fun.

Capcom have done especially well when it comes to remakes.On psp the mega man titles were amazing.Ditto for Ultimate ghosts and ghouls.More recently they released an HD remake of Okami that was recieved well.

So yes while capcom has suffered one setback after another, their quality of games has been good.Which is an encouraging sign.We all love capcom.Having played their games through the years it is saddening to see them suffer.I hope, as a long time fan, and I am sure many of you reading this do too, that they come out stronger from this situation.I often look back to the days of GBA.Capcom was on fire those days.I want that capcom back.



  • On April 18, 2015