Everybody dies

House and Wilson on a road trip? Sounds too good to be true to me. Consider the facts. Wilson has cancer. Prognosis 5 months. House is facing the prospect of going back to jail to serve a sentence of 6 months. And he is emotionally unstable (as emotionally unstable as a man like house can be). He is trying to make one of his patients understand the importance of life by strangling him (falling well short of consummation),saving his other patient who is quite sick, trying to teach Foreman a lesson for being supportive, trapped in a fire, hallucinating and then finally coming to his senses and then desperately trying to escape and then…. an explosion. Cut to a well lit room, a big smiling picture of Gregory House and an assembly of his friends (?) remembering how a great man he was. Except Wilson, his one true friend. For him house was an ass.

But it seems like house is not dead after all. He managed to escape through the back door(?) and he cheerfully decides to spend whatever time is left with Wilson. Sounds kind of fantastic. I have two theories about the last episode of House MD.

It was a hallucination

One that the episode was all just a big hallucination. “People don’t change”. In the previous episode house was desperately trying to convince Wilson to extend his life by continuing the therapy. In between there was talk of oreos, which I think was appropriate. [Sponsored Ad] Everybody likes oreos. If one were to compress all the likeable things in a universe the resulting object would look like an oreo. When you eat an oreo you get a taste of everything that is good in the universe. With every oreo that you consume you feel the joy of being alive. That’s how good oreos are. [end of sponsored Ad] Wilson had oreos in his cupboard behind the wine. Even in his sickness he could appreciate the delight of eating them.

So as I was saying my theory is that the final episode was just a big hallucination. House was bummed that Wilson was dying. Maybe he popped in a few more vicodins than he should have. Maybe played too blue a song on the piano? I can’t say. But he definitely was under the whether. And he wanted to see his psychiatrist. That is never a good sign. Wanting to see your psychiatrist. No one wants to willingly go to a psychiatrist. But house did. What they talked about we can never know. But we know what happens afterwords. House is trapped inside a burning building that is about to collapse on him.

I think the burning building was symbolic of house’s deteriorating mental state. Here is someone who lives his life in pain and he is about to loose his best friend to a terrible disease. Worse he is about to be arrested so he can’t even share the remaining days with his friend. So his mind plays a trick on him just like it did in season 6 (when he believed that cuddy loved him). And that was it. Nothing more. Everybody dies was a mental trick that the writers employed to finish off the series in a hurry.

It was real

But what if it was all real? House is very sharp. Sure he was hallucinating but he could still reason with his own sub-consciousness. Maybe he really did manage to get out of the building in time. But real question is to what degree house’s plan worked? Before leaving the hospital for good he did two things.

  1. He faked his dental records.
  2. He placed his identity card beneath Foreman’s table.

The two actions present a contrasting picture of house’s mental state. The first is an act of defiance. He would fake his own death to be with his friend and make sure that no one ever finds out about it. What is not clear is how the patient died and how house managed to get him out of the hospital and in the building?

The second act is very classic house. A playful prank. Escaping would be no good if no one knew about it. So he leaves behind a clue. Or a signature whatever you prefer.

[Does he look like a man who has escaped a burning building that was about to collapse on him? Not a single scratch. And from the way he dresses it is not hard to assume that even his body did not burn.]

Surely if he wanted to fake his death then he wanted to live, but as someone else. Which means that getting caught in the fire was an accident. Even if we accept that he got caught in a fire by some accident what about the scenes inside the burning building? Maybe house had a moment of weakness. When he considered surrendering himself to the flames. So the reasonable explanation in this theory is that he planned to get a new life for himself. And succeeded. But this theory still does not explain how house got out of the building without a scratch. Remember when he messaged Wilson while he was delivering a eulogy? When Wilson saw house he was sitting on a staircase : no burn marks and clean clothes. Getting new clothes is easy but getting a new skin is tough, even for house.

It was a lie

But there is a third explanation which is much simpler. That it all was a just a lie. Wilson didn’t have cancer or if he did he was getting better. House convinced him through a series of elaborate tricks and false evidence that he was dying. After all he had faked his own illness couple of times. So it was not beyond him. And remember that it was house who tested Wilson to check if the therapy worked or not. So even if Wilson had cancer it was house who told him that he was still sick after the therapy. His final words were “Cancer is boring”. The question is why would he do such a thing? To escape? From what? And why with Wilson? Could it be that he wanted to leave the hospital in capable hands of Chase? Was all this just a retirement ceremony? We won’t know. But we do know that “Everybody lies”.



  • On January 14, 2015