Dusty the Kat

A few days back there was a post on gamefaqs asking about favorite Gravity Rush characters.Octacon29A , a gamefaqs user named Gade as his favorite and summarized Gravity rush in following words:

everything in the game is such a mystery. lol

That is an apt description of the game.Everything is indeed mysterious.The games protagonist Kat is a mystery.There is no explanation of where she came from or how she got her powers.Her companion and her guardian Dusty , a real cat , is a mystery too.The story never explains why she is there with Kat.

By her looks it seems that Kat is very young.Naturally she views Heksville and it’s people with a child like curiosity.Unlike many other games that have protagonists acquiring a new power she does not have any interest in finding out how she got it.Rather she wants to explore what she can do with it.Her powers have not made her proud and distant.On the contrary she does all she can to help the people of the town.

Often in the course of the story her good nature is taken advantage of.In one particular segment she is asked by a girl to retrieve a letter that has fallen into the undergrounds of the city.What seems like a simple errand soon turns dangerous when Kat has to dive into threating storms.In another instance she helps the city’s police only to be accused of being involved with the criminals.But these requests do not embitter her and she is perfectly happy in being useful.

Kat is a free soul.She likes to help people but can’t be tied down with them.This is evident when the military officers request to recruit her into the force is repeatedly declined.

Dusty has a strange aura about her

Dusty is a loyal companion throughout Kat’s journey.In some ways she reminds me of Argo from the Shadow of the colossus.Like Argo and the wanderer the bond between dusty and Kat is very strong.Without dusty Kat is powerless.In the segments of the game where Kat has to take on challenges alone the importance of dusty truly sinks in.The story of the game sheds no light on true intentions of dusty.Some passing references are made of her being the guardian of Kat but that is about it.She is silent.She is a cat and she is very mysterious.


Supporting characters in the game are equally enigmatic.Gade is introduced halfway into the game.He calls himself the creator.He opens portals to new dimensions but as with dusty he is left unexplained.He is the creator and that is that.No information is given on what he has actually created or what he can actually do.Like Kat though he is a very pleasant guy and the story segments that involve him are fun to watch.

The town of Heksville is filled with eccentric people.There is a fortune teller, who is in possession of a puppet that can tell fortunes.Syd, is a police detective who is trying to make it big in his profession.His conversations with Kat are often hilarious, as he cooks up various plots to catch the bad guys that go terribly wrong.

Then there is a town that has only children and no elders.Here Kat meets Zazza and cyanea.Zazza is the tough leader that has the responsibility of his tribe resting on his young shoulders.Cyanea is more interesting.When Kat first meets her she is given the responsibility of watching over her cage.Like most guards she falls to sleep and Kat escapes.Later it is discovered that this is a recurring problem with cynea.She is a dream maker and it is her job to protect the dreams.Which explains why she goes to sleep so often.

Raven in the first part and Yunica in the second start out as adversaries of Kat.But join forces with her after they come to know each other better.I won’t give any more details here cause they are major plot points in the game story.But like every thing else both of these characters are very well done.

These characters give life to the town of Hekisville.They make it an interesting place to be in.Gravity rush would still have been and amazing game without them.But it certainly won’t have been as memorable.



  • On April 07, 2013