Do you use your own product?

When I first started work on brislink the only itch that I wanted to scratch was to create something.At that time it did not matter what I made so long I made something.It so happened that I was learning a new technology so I was really pumped up to work with it.

In its first iteration brislink was a url sharing application.All it did was to allow the users to share links to stories on the internet that they found interesting.I was really proud of my work but I soon found out that it was not really useful to me.In the first week of launch I was very aggressive in submitting links but I soon lost interest and just left it as it was.It was much later that I decided to make it into what it is today.

I blog frequently.Most of the time on my personal blog.After writing a couple of posts I used to submit the links on gamefaqs hoping that someone would read it and give me some valuable feedback.I did get a few encouraging nods but most of the time my writing faded into obscurity.It was during one day when I was submitting my article that I thought to myself

“What if instead of submitting my articles manually to others I could broadcast it automatically where any one could see it?”

Based on this simple initial idea ,which was born out of my problem of having to submit my posts to others for them to read, I reimagined brislink.Soon I started blogging both on my own blog and on brislink.This gave rise to another problem that I was sure would be shared by many of you as well.

Often we tend to blog on mutiple websites.It was true for me and some other folks that I knew.It would be nice if someone could track these posts of the user across these multiple websites and collate them in one place.I decided to implement it.After a few days of hacking I managed to make it work.Here is my profile it contains all the contrbutions that I have made to various websites.It is really statisfying to see all your work nicely arranged right before your eyes.

At the time of my wirting not many people use brislink.To be completely honest I am the only one who is using it.But it makes me really happy.I had a few problems that I managed to solve and if it helps someone else in the process or makes them happy it is all bonus to me.



  • On April 12, 2013