Six guests are invited to a forlorn mansion, so frightening that it stops moving cars in it’s tracks, for a dinner party by Mr. Boddy. The six guests do not know each other. Nor do they know Mr Boddy directly. The only connection between them is that they are all being blackmailed by him. In a classic Agatha Christie like setup they are all gathered together in the mansion to reach an agreement. What happens when you have six desperate people and their blackmailer under the same roof ? Death. But how?

The first one to die was Mr. Boddy himself. A bullet shot was heard when the light went out but there were no wounds on Mr Boddy’s , um, body. The death of the host sent the party into panic. It was clear that the killer was one of them but “Mr. Green did not do it”. It was decided that to find the answer they will split and look for clues inside the mansion.

They find their first clue in the kitchen. The cook was stabbed and stacked inside the freezer. To prevent further confusion they take the body inside the library only to find that Mr. Boddy’s, body was gone. Was he really dead? According to professor plum he was. But he was a professor in psychology so he wasn’t sure.

Before they could compose themselves and decide on the next course of action a doorbell is heard. An unfortunate motorist who has wrecked his vehicle asks to make a few phone calls. The butler takes him to the study and locks the door behind him giving the guests ample time to search the mansion and try to find the murderer.

They inspect every nook and cranny of the mansion and find nothing. However a stray inspector finds them. He insists to come inside and make a few phone calls as well. Once more the butler, unable to come up with any creative solution, locks the inspector inside the library.

The house guests find themselves in a very peculiar situation. Their host is dead. In one room they have a police inspector who must be rid of this castle as soon as possible. In the other room they have an unfortunate motorist who under no circumstances must get out the the room he has been locked in. They are pondering over this dilemma when another blackout occurs. And when the light comes back it is discovered that the inspector is dead! In the other room the motorist is dead! In yet another room the waitress is dead. Out side the mansion the chauffeur is dead!

Six deaths in an evening. Now there is a mystery that would need you to exercise those little grey cells of yours. It is unlikely however that given this complex, layered mystery there could only be one possible solution. No! one solution would not do. It would be great injustice. It would be highly improper. It would be an insult to the mystery to have only one solution. There must be at least three. Yes three is a good number I suppose. Four would be far too many and six would be just preposterous. One has to keep in mind the length of the movie.

And so giving due respect to the complexity of the mystery and a nod to the editors the butler produces three distinct solutions within 15 minutes a feat that remains unparalleled and unchallenged to this day. Reader here is your clue. Go watch this movie



  • On March 07, 2014