Bundles of joy

Over the years I have discovered a pattern in my game console shopping habits.I am sure it would be familiar to a lot of you guys.It goes something like this:

  1. A publisher announces a new hardware.
  2. I try to remain cool about it.It is a new machine so what?I am perfectly happy with the one I own.
  3. Over the months the hardware is promoted.My interest is piqued but I won’t purchase it until the prices have come down, most probably a year after the launch.
  4. I try to forget all about it.But every where I go I see people talking about it.I can’t resist it anymore and end up buying it 8 months after the launch.
  5. Around 4 months later the publisher announces a price cut, stylish game bundles and amazing deals on the purchase of the new console.
  6. I make a promise to my self that I will be more patient in the next cycle.

Hardware redesigns and game bundles are nothing new.They were produced before.But since the last generation of consoles the amount of bundles have increased many fold.Almost every major game release is followed by the announcement of a hardware pack, custom designed to match the theme of the game.The value that these bundles offer is so good that I often question myself why do I even buy stand alone hardware any more?

In the handheld realm these bundles materialize at a rapid pace.I bought my psp in the August 2007 after a good 2 years of waiting.In september ,just one month after my purchase, sony announced a hardware redesign consisting of a slimmer and shinier PSP.I did not pay much attention to redesign, after seeing nintendo do it for decades I was pretty sure that it would come sooner or later.But the game packs that were announced with it made me regret my purchase.It is no secret that I am a big Monster hunter fan, I like it so much that I try to convince people to play it once to learn valuable lessons in life.I even look for alternatives to quench my monster hunter thirst on Vita.It really hurt me then when capcom and sony unveiled this

It was so beautiful that I cried cursing the time when I decided to buy a standard PSP.There was no way to predict that this would happen within a few months of my new purchase.Same thing happened with the DS.Not to be outdone by the PSP, nintendo announced designer bundles for DS nearly every month.

I had already made a mistake in buying a hardware too soon and was on the verge of committing another by buying a limited edition hardware hardware bundle.With a heavy heart I let it all go.

Recently I bought a vita and the whole cycle seems to be repeating again.I eat my heart out every time I look at this

Ah! this is just perfection.Magnificence! Once more I have let myself down.Now I must content myself with the boring old vita that I own.Until next time.



  • On April 01, 2013