An impactful team

Back in the glory days of the psp High Impact Games(HIG) made some of my favorite games on the system.Recently I was replaying my favorite levels of Ratchet and Clank:Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank when I wondered what was HIG up to these days.I was a bit disappointed to find that the devs are not working on console games anymore(though I wish them all the luck in the world),when I “Stumbled Upon” the bio of their team.Just read it,It’s classic, I spent a good half an hour laughing(15 minutes just at Lloyd Murphy’s bio, no offense lol),it’s now clear why their games are so funny.Good times! Merry Christmas to HIG(hopefully santa will give us an amazing new game from them) and Merry Christmas to all of you guys.

Edit 25 march 2013 : Looks like they have hired some new employees.Good times!



  • On December 25, 2012