What I do?

Hello I am Akshat :) I am an Independent consultant working in gurgaon,India. I help people solve their business problems by making the most efficient use of technology. Too vague? Here is an example:-

The problem

Busy law firm. Not too big though 17 people at that time. They were doing good. Law suits were being filed left and right. People were being defended from frivolous charges. From sunrise to sunset their office was parade of clients, summoners,witnesses and other lawyers. At night when the dust settled Ms. Shewta would sit in front of her laptop and record the proceedings of the day in an excel sheet. Who took what case? Who missed the date? Who defaulted on payments? Backups of arguments, list of citations etc.

End of the quarter. It is found that 5 clients had payments due(since last two months). They had 73 cases between them with new ones coming on a daily basis. Piles of files stacked in one corner.They were struggling to keep up with the pace of business. They wanted to get organized. Devise a better way to invoice their clients. Record their day to day progress on cases. And "LESS PAPERS DAMN IT".

Enter me. I spend a week in their office just observing and making notes on how the business was conducted. Learning the lingo. Plaintiff,respondent,defendant,charges,suit --- the lawyer talk. At the end of week two I show them the first version of web based tool that will help them get organized. They suggest some minor changes. At the end of 3rd week I am sitting in front of my TV watching Boston Legal and sipping on hot chocolate. A cheque, waiting to be deposited, lying on my table. Oh and Ms Shewta and others leave the office at 6 these days :)

I get an email every morning about my schedule along with a summary of cases to attend. One look at the case timeline is enough to refresh my memory. We send in the same summary to our client along with the invoice. We are billing higher. We are getting paid on time. I haven't felt this good going to court in ages. Thanks! - Satish Gupta, Senior Advocate.

Technologies that I work with

I like to use the best tool for the job. However to give you an idea I have used couchdb (including couchdb lucene and geocouch),nodejs, nginx(openresty) and elasticsearch in my professional capacity. For personal projects I have also worked with erlang.

On the client side I like to keep things simple and use a combination of plain old javascript and jquery. I use simple grid as a css grid framework.

I talk a lot more on programming and problems I solve on my blog.

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