Akshat Jiwan Sharma-freelance programmer

I provide both remote and onsite services

Are you looking for a programmer to help you:-

if you are maybe I can be of help?

I program in the following technologies

in case you are looking for some programming samples...

specter Opensource content management system with a focus on ease of use, built with node js and elasticsearch.

wrinqle Opensource websocket server, still a work in progress. It allows you to register your websockets with an easy to remember name and send messages to them. Supports group broadcast as well as one to one private messages. On client side you use regular websocket api. There is no need for any additional library. Only a simple protocol that you need to adhere to. Written in erlang uses cowboy framework.

And there is also my stackoverflow profile. Need more? I've a services page where I describe more about what I do. Want to get in touch? Great :) I am Akshat Jiwan Sharma I live in gurgaon,India and my email id is akshatjiwan@gmail.com

Thank you for reading