Easy on the couch -A seven day couchdb training course

What is couchdb?

couchdb is a document oriented database, written using a highly concurrent and fault tolerant programming language,erlang, that comes with an easy to use web api. All data within couchdb is stored as JSON. This combination of an http api and a data format that is universally understood makes couchdb one of the most easy to use database there is.

couchdb imposes no restrictions on your schema. You can easily adapt your documents to your changing business requirements. And to top it off couchdb allows you to execute server side javasript code which can be used to implement unique ways of extracting your data, transforming your documents, validating their properties, rendering templates and much more. Truth is once you start to get a hang of couchdb you will notice that the boundaries between a database and an application server start to blur. You start doing things that you never thought were even possible with a database.

Okay so what can I do with it?

Since data is stored as documents any problem that can be represented in terms of documents would be a good fit. This means that real world businesses or business transactions that involve a lot of documents would find themselves right at home with couchdb. You can develop solutions for:-

But these are just the obvious use cases. Once you understand the powerful incremental map/reduce you will see that it can be used to build anything from recommendation engines to content management systems.

So who is using couchdb?

Lots of people. The folks at dimagi, for instance, are using it to build health care and logistics systems for developing countries. npm, the famed node js package manger uses couchdb to serve a ridiculous 356,273,496 packages per month.

Do I really need someone to train my team?

Nope. couchdb has great documentation, one of the best I have seen in an opensource project. And all of it's available directly from within couchdb. If you take the time you can do it on your own, no problem. Sometimes however time is in short supply. Or maybe you are having difficulties in grasping some of the concepts of couchdb (" wait no dynamic queries!!!"). I can help if that is the case.

The course (7 days)

What does it cost?

Rs. 89768 per person. Travelling expenses are not included. I offer a 100% money back guarantee (excluding of course the travelling expenses).

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