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Marketing application for private landlords


The concept I have in mind is still very fresh and is based on rent cafe a product by yardi, one of the leading property management companies in the world.

Here's what I'm thinking:-

The big idea

Over the years airbnb has created a huge markeplace for short term rentals but there are still hundreds of thousands of room providers who are without a website (which has become a basic requirement these days). Airbnb gives them an additional income but this income can't be sustained because hosts are not building a brand. A customer may stay in your house on one vacation and then just disappear. It's important that that your place gets recommendations and that is difficult to do when you are just one among the hundreds of room providers on a website.

Even within the long term rental community there are often dry periods where the properties remain unoccupied. It is possible to reduce the time of these dry spells.

Why not increase your chances of being found out by having your own business website? Accept/ Deny bookings from that website and cater to a short term rental market when you feel like it and switch to long term rentals when better prospects are available?

So my question is:- If we were to build a solution that would help the landlords in their branding/exposure and give them flexibility to use their property any way they like, would it be something that could be well received?

-Akshat Jiwan Sharma

What say you?