Guacamelee Review

-Tue Apr 15 2014

juan our hero

Juan Aguacate is a young agave farmer living in a beautiful village in Mexico. During his childhood he aspired to become a luchador just like his hero, who is loved by the entire village and who has a statue dedicated to him in the town square. He grew up hearing legends of this great fighter, stories that inspired him to become a respected warrior but he was unable to realize his dream. He ends up being a common man living in a common house on the edge of the village.

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The man from earth

-Fri Apr 04 2014

man from earth

At his goodbye party professor John Oldman surprises his friends by announcing that he is 14000 years old. No one believes him of course but they play along, under the pretense of science fiction, and have a debate "to kill the afternoon" . Could a man really be 14000 years old? What would he look like? Will he speak the same language as others? The man from earth starts with these intriguing questions. Enough to get the viewer deeply interested in the story. After all aging is a common ailment and everybody wants to live forever.

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Minimal nginx configuration for front end development

-Fri Mar 21 2014


Recently I worked with my friend who is a web designer and I noticed that he served static html files directly from the file system. He did not make use of any web server. I understand the need for keeping things simple and I absolutely love minimal development setups. But I think that not having a static file server during the developmental phase can cause many problems :

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Clue review

-Fri Mar 07 2014

Communism was just a red herring

Six guests are invited to a forlorn mansion, so frightening that it stops moving cars in it's tracks, for a dinner party by Mr. Boddy. The six guests do not know each other. Nor do they know Mr Boddy directly. The only connection between them is that they are all being blackmailed by him. In a classic Agatha Christie like setup they are all gathered together in the mansion to reach an agreement. What happens when you have six desperate people and their blackmailer under the same roof ? Death. But how?

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Hauz Khas village

-Thu Feb 13 2014

the tomb

I have a close friend who is fond of travelling. Every time we meet our conversation turns to making plans of prospective journeys to interesting places. We love making plans so much that sometimes it seems it is all that we do. We can never have too many plans at once. Why it was just the other day that we planned a week long vacation to Andaman islands. And in the week before we decided that we wanted to go to that famous hill station in West Bengal, Darjeeling. It is not easy to come up with a location that suits both of us so it is hard work figuring out new places to go. We feel satisfied after making these plans. It feels like a job well done.

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ASUS X201E six months later

-Tue Feb 04 2014

I have been using asus x201e for six months now. It made a very positive impression on me when I reviewed it last year. It was one of my most read posts so I decided to write more about my experience with the system.

One of the things that I really like about this unit is that it is so light. It is almost as light as a macbook air. Now most light laptops are heavy on the wallet. Not this one though. It costs about RS 20000 ($300 based on the current exchange rate) which makes it a very attractive proposition. During these past months I have frequented many electronic shops and I could not find a single laptop as light as this. Except for macbook air all other higher priced units were considerably heavier. While most people I know don't make too much of an issue of the weight but for me it is essential that a laptop be as light as possible. As far as price to weight ratio is concerned asus x201e is unbeatable.

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Thoughts on indexed db

-Fri Jan 24 2014

Topics discussed in this article

  1. Limitations of local storage.
  2. Object stores in indexed db
  3. Indices in indexed db
  4. Cursors.
  5. Shortcomings of indexed db.
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Murder by death

-Tue Dec 24 2013

The facts are as follows:

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On building wrinq

-Tue Dec 17 2013

I have been programming for a while now. I graduated in summer of 2011 and since then I have used a lot of different languages, frameworks, databases etc. I have a good understanding of programming languages and I can pick up a new language/framework in a day or two.

I remember having started a lot of side projects just to play around with a new language or framework. I scrapped almost all of them before they could be finished. I don't regret killing them but I wish I had documented my experience of working on new exciting things just so I could look back from time to time and see how I got to where I am. Unfortunately during that time, the thought never crossed my mind. I would have loved to read about what I was doing two years back. But dwelling over the past is futile. I have now made it a point to write about everything of importance to me right here on my blog. And in that spirit I am going to write about another little project of mine, wrinq.

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Sonic all stars racing transformed review

-Mon Dec 09 2013

drift baby

When I first watched the trailer of sonic all stars I was not that impressed. Sure it was pretty but I could not understand what was going on. What was the deal with transforming vehicles? I mean if I am racing I want to concentrate on the track not on my ride. It looked to me then that sonic was a party game. More about having fun with your friends rather than racing at breakneck speed. I did not think that it was my type of game and I let it pass. So when sega gave away all stars this month for free on ps+ I downloaded it just out of curiosity, quite sure that I won't like it that much. After playing about 15 hrs of the game one thing that I can say with certainty is how wrong first impressions can be.

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