A traveller in time

-Wed Nov 19 2014

an orbit presentation

Most time travel stories follow the basic formula laid down by HG Wells in The Time machine. You have a brilliant scientist who somehow manages to cobble up a machine capable of travelling in time. Then the aforementioned scientist uses his machine to travel in time and pokes his nose in the business of people who are not from his generation. Well to be fair, I suppose, that can't be helped. One would assume that a scientist who has a capability of creating the time machine would perhaps be a little curious and being a little curious our scientist would probably want to "connect" with the people of the past/future. One can also assume that the age old saying "Curiosity killed the cat" holds as well in the future or in the past as it does in the present time.

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Deus Ex

-Thu Oct 23 2014

The human being created civilization not because of willingness but of a need to be assimilated into higher orders of structure and meaning. The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God. Now, the same functionality can be replicated with data-mining algorithms.

JC Denton. Odd name for a video game character. Sounds too bureaucratic. Like a government executive working 9-5 arranging files for his superiors. First few minutes with Deus Ex left me with mixed feelings about the game. It didn't really feel like an fps. It was too slow. And the main character seemed to be devoid of any personality. My first impression of JC was not too far from the mark either. He was indeed a government agent. Working for UNATCO. The United Nations anti terrorist coalition. But the world was dark and I sensed a conspiracy bubbling underneath the surface so I kept on playing.

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Dark mirror, logans shadow and the rest

-Mon Oct 20 2014

we are a team

Developing a game for an unfamiliar platform is scary,even for an established developer,the rules change too quickly the engineers find themselves struggling to get on grips with the software development kits and the prospect of a game engine is just a fancy at this point. So it should not be held against the developers if they decide to take the safer path.

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The playstation 1 syphon filter games

-Tue Oct 14 2014

remember syphon filter?

Those who know Bend studio only through their most recent work, Uncharted:Golden Abyss,can be forgiven for thinking that they are one of Sony’s low key studio. The kind that works on I.Ps created by other “heavy hitters” and ports them to sony’s “lesser consoles”. Their last two games Resistance:Retribution and Uncharted: Golden Abyss are both handheld versions of extremely popular PS3 exclusives. However a hasty dismissal like this would be a slight to their contribution to sony and to the industry. In the days of playstation 1 sony bend created one of the most popular series on the console that served the plastation family for years to come and which spread their fame far and wide.

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Brave story : New traveller

-Thu Sep 11 2014

the a team

One of the things that can be said with certainty in this new generation of games is the death of old school RPGS. Nearly all of the big names in the RPG family have stopped making turn based RPGS. But there are still some small Japanese production houses that are trying to keep the genre alive. Among them the most noteworthy is XSEED. I have been following XSEED since they started out years ago by publishing small games on the psp. Among the many games published by them one of my all time favorites is Brave story : New traveller.

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Robot and frank

-Thu Jun 26 2014

an unspoken challenge

Frank is an an ex-con who is slowly loosing the grasp over the reality. He is forgetful, unable to take care of himself and proud. He lives an uneventful life in his house. Frank's son is unwilling to commit him to elderly care. But he knows that he is headed towards a miserable existence if he does not find a way to engage him. Frank needs a friend. And his son will buy him one.

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On cultivating and sustaining a reading habit

-Sun May 25 2014

Reading is an endangered habit. For many people spending time with a book is probably the most dreadful, boring exercise in the world. If you are one of those people who have stumbled upon this article I know what you are probably thinking yeah nice way to help me "cultivate a reading habit" by making me read this blog post! I assure you that your cynicism is not lost on me. There is already a lot written elsewhere on the internet that lists all the ways one can develop a reading habit. What I intend to do however is explore the question "why don't some people like to read?" Maybe it will help you understand why you are averse to reading and you can take effective steps to combat that feeling.Oh and there is a "tldr;" section at the end of this article ;)

Generally speaking most reading material can be classified into fictional and non fictional work. Reading non fictional books is considered an important exercise that helps in the growth of an individual. Consequently most people living in a modern society read through a significant number of non fictional books before they turn 20. Now most of these texts are usually a part of curriculum of whatever course a person chooses during his/her education. After the education completes the individual depending upon profession he is in may or may not have to read non-fictional books. For instance a lawyer or a professor, due to the nature of his profession, will have to read more than a musician. But it's safe to assume that in a modern society every one who has access to education reads (whether willing or unwillingly) lots of non fictional books.

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Secret Agent Clank

-Tue Apr 29 2014

let's get dangerous

Secret Agent Clank was the second game developed by High Impact games for the P.S.P, their first being successful Ratchet and clank Size Matters. As the title probably suggests this game stars Clank as a secret agent. Much like Jak in Daxter, Ratchet is locked up in prison and Clank has to find a way to save him while carrying out his other “duties”, he is a secret agent after all! The game had a nice concept and developers at High Impact Games put some neat ideas into the product, but ultimately the game fell short of public expectations and was chastised by both the critics and the fans. The major criticism being that this game was way too different from the previous installments in the series and took too many liberties in the design and game play to be considered canon. They were probably right too, I am no expert on Ratchet and Clank games and have played only one game in the series Size Matters (loved it to death though) which is probably why I enjoyed the game as much as I did. I shall enumerate below the things that I loved about the game and hopefully someone who has not played it would give it a shot . Here goes-:

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Guacamelee Review

-Tue Apr 15 2014

juan our hero

Juan Aguacate is a young agave farmer living in a beautiful village in Mexico. During his childhood he aspired to become a luchador just like his hero, who is loved by the entire village and who has a statue dedicated to him in the town square. He grew up hearing legends of this great fighter, stories that inspired him to become a respected warrior but he was unable to realize his dream. He ends up being a common man living in a common house on the edge of the village.

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The man from earth

-Fri Apr 04 2014

man from earth

At his goodbye party professor John Oldman surprises his friends by announcing that he is 14000 years old. No one believes him of course but they play along, under the pretense of science fiction, and have a debate "to kill the afternoon" . Could a man really be 14000 years old? What would he look like? Will he speak the same language as others? The man from earth starts with these intriguing questions. Enough to get the viewer deeply interested in the story. After all aging is a common ailment and everybody wants to live forever.

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